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Who is Robert Pape?

Son, Brother, Husband, Nephew, Uncle

Robert and his mom at Mother’s Day breakfast.

Born in 1988 in Indio, California, Robert is the third of four children.  His mother is a

middle school teacher and father is a cardiologist in Northern California.

Robert and his grandma were very close.

Uncle Bobby

Uncle Bobby

Robert and his family at his sister’s First Holy Communion.

Christy, caring for her brother since 1988.

Christy is one of Robert’s biggest supporters.


Robert is adored by his siblings who are heartbroken by his current situation. Christy attended every hearing without fail and writes a newsletter to keep our team members across the country up to date.  Michaela currently works two jobs and attends college.


Robert met Beatriz Mora while working at a local HVAC company in 2011, where they began as co-workers and became friends. When Robert was first arrested in 2014, Bea came to the court hearings to support him along with some of their other friends. The claims they were making just did not fit the person she knew.

After Robert was released in October of 2014, he and his first wife, Sara, separated. Over the next year, Robert and Bea’s friendship blossomed into something more and they have been together ever since. By the time Robert was arrested again in 2016, Robert and Bea lived together with their two dogs. Believing that the truth would come out and his name would be cleared during trial, Bea was a steady supporter of Robert’s innocence and a daily attendee of the court hearings.

When he and Cristin were unexpectedly convicted for the murders, Bea’s life was shattered along with the rest of ours. Instead of moving on with her life, as any person might, she did what nobody could have expected; She asked Robert to marry her. It’s not that they had never discussed marriage, but this is not what either of them had in mind.

Robert told her he wanted a better life for her than what she could expect considering the circumstances. She deserved to be with someone that hadn’t just been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. While he was not wrong, she could not be persuaded otherwise.

Robert called her dad and asked for Bea’s hand in marriage. Her mom asked Bea if she was sure. Nobody would blame her for making the decision to move on; None of us would have blamed her. However, Bea followed her heart and both her parents, and her siblings have supported that. Bea comes from a long line of strong yet loving men and women. She is one of the strongest people I’ve met, and we couldn’t be happier to have her and her family become one with our family!

Animal Advocate

As a child, Robert always had a love of animals. This love of animals continues today. He rescued baby ducklings out of the swimming pool on more than one occasion, rescued baby bunnies the family cat would bring home every Spring, checking them thoroughly to be sure they were healthy enough to release back into the wild.

Robert’s first dog was a rescue.  One Friday, Robert chose to take home the dog that was scheduled to be euthanized the following Monday. As a young adult, Robert rescued a cat from the shelter, only to find out that he had developed an allergy to cats.  Rather than get rid of the cat, Robert instead endured a series of treatments to reduce his allergic reaction…then rescued another cat.

Robert had to get allergy shots so that he could keep his cats.

Robert and his then-wife, Sara, fostered a parade of animals, caring for them until they were in good health and could be adopted.  At one time, Sara was employed at for the Bighorn Institute, an organization dedicated to saving the endangered bighorn sheep.  Robert volunteered to help capture sheep to conduct health checks, and then to release them into other wild herds.


Robert was always mechanical.  Before he could talk, while still in diapers, he scooted across the tile floor to examine the tools in the repairman’s tool pouch.  Then, at two, after his mother and grandmother frantically searched for the missing child, he was found, sitting in the large engine compartment of the car out front of the house with the hood up.  Robert loves to fix things.

After working with children in an after-school program, coordinating activities, helping students with homework, Robert began working for a local air conditioning and heating company.  There he quickly learned how to diagnose and repair the much-needed AC units in the desert.

Taking advantage of the training opportunities The General provided, Robert excelled at his trade.

Friend (Derek’s unsolicited testimony)

The first time I met Robert Pape was in a church. He was 16 years old at the time. I was invited to the church by Robert’s sister Christy. I had been going through some serious health issues when I was 24 and she thought it was a good idea that I come and experience a Healing Service. The only person I knew was Christy. Robert introduced himself and sat and prayed with me along with his whole family.

As important as that healing service was to me there is something that stuck out to me being there with the Pape Family. The entire family were downright good people. I was shocked most by Robert. Here was a 16 year old kid that was anything but typical. I had never met a teenage boy that would take time out of his schedule to join his family to pray with a guy whom he had never met. He stayed next to me and his big sister as if it was his duty to help me through a difficult time in my life.

I fell in love with the entire Pape Family that night. My friendship with Robert evolved over the years and I watched this kid turn into a fine man. I have always been proud of him.

I consider myself blessed for having met Robert and the Pape Family.
It hurts to see the media cast Bob as a cold blooded killer. I know he is innocent. Meanwhile, he sits in a jail cell and has to endure this great injustice to him, his wife, and family while we all wait for him to be set free.

God Bless You Robert. Peace be with You.

Derek Helmer
March 14, 2014 · Palm Desert

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  2. Son, Brother, Nephew, Uncle… and HUSBAND to Beatriz Pape. The woman who has stood by his side day in and day out for the last few years.

    1. Post
  3. I don’t know but he looks and sounds like a really great guy… Terrible injustice. He and his family have stayed in my prayers.

    1. When his 92-year-old grandmother was so very sick in the hospital after chemotherapy, Robert was visiting her and he just crawled in the hospital bed with her to comfort her. I think they took a nap together, lol. She had a really close relationship with him, and he’d do anything for her. But we all would; she was special.

  4. Thank you, Melinda. He really is a great guy. Fun, funny, helpful, generous, caring…all good. It’s so ironic that he, above all people, would be facing such ridiculous charges.

  5. This is definitely a major factor in my belief in his innocence, NO motive, why would he throw away a blissful and happy life with his wife and other family members!

    1. There is no reason, no motive, for either of them to have committed this crime. Anyone who says differently doesn’t know the situation.

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