Post-Sentencing Statement

At this time we are restrained in what we can say, for the sake of our appeals efforts.

Make no mistake about it, this is a case of wrongful conviction. Clearly, many people want justice for the victims of this crime, as do we, but that vengeance should be directed at the correct people. 

Robert Pape and Cristin Smith are not those people.

This trial has been an eye-opening experience for us. At first, we were content to believe that justice would be served and the truth would be fairly sought out. We always knew that the evidence was paper-thin and the sheriff’s investigation was poorly run. We felt sure that the jury would be presented with the paucity of facts and would rule that this in no way achieved the status of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

We were wrong. 

Day by day, we gradually came to the realization that the goal was never about true justice. 

As we research this further in the aftermath of the trial, we find that this is not an isolated incident.  Wrongful convictions occur with alarming regularity. The rise of ‘innocence projects’ all across the country, and their resultant exonerations attest to this. 

As it turns out, the resistance to claims of innocence is also alarming. Clear evidence of innocence is apparently met with vicious attacks and legal maneuvering. The stories are mind-bending.

If you would like to find out more about what drives a prosecutor to do this, the book ‘Blind Injustice’ by Mark Godsey is a good place to start. The case study in chapter 2 will open your eyes in a way that you will never get over.  Decades of precious life lost to incarceration, and recalcitrant and unrepentant prosecution in the face of obviously exculpatory facts.

The book ‘Prosecution Complex’ by Daniel S. Medwed is another good one. It studies the motives that drive prosecutors to act as they do. 

For our part, we are at the beginning of a long fight.  Over time, we will discuss the nuances of this case in detail, counsel permitting. If you get to read the real details of this case, we are convinced that you, too, will understand that a second tragedy has been created were there was only one. This new tragedy was created by our so called ‘justice’ system that is operating well outside of its intended design.

The incentives are all wrong. Success is determined by winning, not by finding the truth. Thousands of innocent people all over the country are suffering and dying because of it. 

We have a national crisis in our justice system. No one is immune from it. Not even you. We all believe that if we obey the law we will have nothing to fear. This case has demonstrated otherwise. 

These boys were playing paintball and video games. They were even attempting to go to church. That’s all. The police systematically eliminated their exculpatory evidence and refused to look at other suspects. They went from video game players to life in prison. It can happen to anyone.

Please check back from time to time. There should be lots of valuable information to learn here. Please open your eyes and hearts to the possibility that all is not as it seems. Those trusted with our protection are operating on a flawed human instinct, and the results are devastating to thousands of people nationwide.

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller

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  1. Thank you for your efforts. Your summary of what has happened in this tragedy is well-stated. I look forward to reading the updates.

  2. My heart is broken for these boys, their families, and the families of the 3 victims. Someone is out there roaming free. Someone who is allowing these boys to take the fall. They will get their day!!

  3. Could you identify yourself, please, I cannot find a byline anywhere. I have been sending this website out to many people, and surely someone is bound to want to vet the writer. Thank you.

    1. It is obviously Smith’s mother who is the author of this site. You say the evidence is”paper thin”, well there should be no evidence linking your son to this homicide thin or otherwise. The defendants lied on multiple occasions about key facts in this case. Yes the evidence was circumstantial but that doesn’t make it any less real, and there was a mountain of it. And playing video games whether they be of the violent sort or not,which I would venture they probably were ,does not make one an innocent angel,in fact it probably prone to be tged opposite. The Columbine killers played video games a lot and was one of the things that lead to their violent actions. And furthermore being a church goes does not mean one is upright or virtuous by any means. Many predators can be found under church rafters.

      1. The website is maintained as a joint effort of the families of Robert and Cristin. Thank you for sharing it. We are working on a way to get much more info up. The appeals process is well underway. We hope to post the court filings.

      2. Steven,

        Video game sales in the states, just this year, surpassed the billion dollar mark. And we are a nation of faith. If either of these activities led to murder, there would be none of us left. And this is also not evidence.

        There actually was no evidence tying either Robert or Cristin to this crime. You can now read the appellate briefs, and I think you will get what I mean by this.

        There is no indication of deception either, by either of them. And the mountains of evidence you refer to actually excludes Robert and Cristin from being present at the crime scene.

        -ALL the DNA retrieved from the crime scene excludes Robert and Cristin.
        -There was no match of any shoes owned by either man, to the prints photographed at the scene.
        -No ballistic match from the bullets used in the murders, to any gun owned by Robert and Cristin
        – The ping data supports their version of events that night.
        – And they had solid alibi for the entire night.

        The news coverage on this case was spotty at best.

      3. I agree fully with your response the the “paper thin” evidence statement. Very true.
        Myself and people close to me haven’t been treated the best or always ethically, by authorities. Thus, my mind is perhaps more open to seeing things clearer one way or the other. And the conspiracy theory concepts here just don’t hold water.
        Have you seen anywhere if these young men were offered polygraph tests as Becky’s father was (and passed)? I haven’t found any information. Although not admissible in court, the results of a polygraph, good or bad, could affect public opinion.
        Indeed, if their supporters are seeking others to scream “injustice” with them, and they truly believe Rob & Cris are innocent, start with a polygraph. That’s the only thing that could sway my thinking.

        1. Thank you for the suggestion. If you listen to the Truth and Justice podcast from this last week, you can hear the interview between Robert and Det LeClair about polygraphs. Lawyers always advise against polygraphs because they are 1. inaccurate, often giving false positives or negatives depending on the emotional state of the subject and even the subjective assessment of the technician. 2. They offer no benefit to the accused because the police will not remove them from the suspect list anyway. 3. The investigators have no obligation to tell you the results of the polygraph. In fact, they often lie and tell you that you failed in order to scare you into a false confession Ron Friedli’s polygraph was most likely performed by a friend, it was not performed by RivCo Sheriffs. The administering technician controls the questioning and environment.

    2. The website is maintained as a joint effort of the families of Robert and Cristin. Thank you for sharing it. We are working on way to get mych more info up. The appeals process is well underway. We hope to post the court filings.

    3. This site is maintained by several relatives and friends of Robert and Cristin. We are all fully convinced that neither young man is capable of such a horrible act, but moreover, we were aware of their whereabouts that evening during the time in question. Robert cared very much for Rebecca as an old friend. He is deeply grieved over her fate. Although Cristin did not really know Rebecca, he joins Robert and our families in grieving such a lovely young woman and we all join the rest of the community in grieving Jon and Vickie.
      Robert and Cristin had no part in this crime. They never left the valley floor that night. Any attempt made to fabricate a scenario to the contrary is not just mistaken. It is a lie.

  4. I went to high school with Robert and Christian I know Sarah I seen Robert after September 2006 when these murders took place on the 17th he was working for the general and I was just getting started in the pool industry if Robert did commit this crime he is a man of no conscience he did not appear to be a man that would be hiding something my name is Tom Caban I own a pool contractor business in Riverside County I am a completely neutral party I would like to go and visit Robert and Christian in prison it seems after all the evidence it would come down to a in person conversation about the events that happened on September 17 of 2006 they must have had some type of empathy for the victims in this crime being a war veteran or not and Robert being in love with animals you would think there would be sub type of empathy he dated her he had sex with her he was emotionally attached now I know women can have their way with boys and turn their minds completely upside down it’s easy for women to cause extreme jealousy it’s easy for them to make a man jealous I don’t know Becky I don’t know her family could it have been that Becky played boys on their emotions and one boys emotion wasn’t going to put up with it to cause murder? I know women can cause men to do crazy things if I can get information on where these men are held maybe just maybe as a neutral party I could get some answers I’ve read all about this it hits home because I know the people involved 760-851-9817

  5. This is laughable that this site is presented as fact when it’s just two families who don’t want to admit their boys are murderers. Very sad and continue to victimize the victims

    1. Hi Ceecee, You are free to make your own assessment, but would you mind sharing with us what you base it on? Can you please share any direct evidence you have?

  6. Honestly I agree there are a lot of innocent people in prison. There are also a lot of people who could be rehabilitated and yet we arbitrarily impose 30, 50 or life on them. Some need to be locked up for life and deserve the sentences they were given. From looking over the case presented against these two gentlemen I’d have to say they look guilty based on the case presented at trial by the prosecution. But I also noticed a real lack of performance by the Defense council. They didn’t seem to think they were gonna lose and put forth a lackluster performance. Maybe they should get better legal representation for there next appeal.

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