Secret D.A. Memo Found!

This is hilarious! Interoffice Memorandum How to successfully prosecute a Murder Case in Riverside County: Step 1. Investigate the murder scene with mediocre personnel. (Don’t worry if you miss big details. This can be fixed in post production.) Clues can be overlooked. Evidence doesn’t win a case. A good fabricated story wins a case. We can explore this when we …

Post-Sentencing Statement

At this time we are restrained in what we can say, for the sake of our appeals efforts. Make no mistake about it, this is a case of wrongful conviction. Clearly, many people want justice for the victims of this crime, as do we, but that vengeance should be directed at the correct people.  Robert Pape and Cristin Smith are …

Somebody Lifted Her by the Ankles – But Who?

In the Pinyon Pines Murder case, the autopsy showed that Becky Friedli was already dead when she was set afire. But that would then imply that she must have been placed in the wheelbarrow after her murder. 

The Trail of a Thousand Footprints

Much has been made of the footprints found in the sand.  Importantly, they connect the crime scene to a piece of debris found two football fields away.  Or at least we are meant to believe they do…

A Heinous Crime – with No Motive?

It was a brutal murder. Inhuman. Monstrous. Execution at point blank range. Setting three bodies on fire. Raging hatred. Why? There had to be a motive. Why would two young men with bright futures, throw their lives away without a motive?

Business card – Proof of Murder or Puff of Smoke?

In the trial’s closing arguments, the defense referred to the prosecution’s case as ‘smoke and mirrors’. So much of the so-called ‘evidence’ was just not relevant.  It was circumstantial, at best. Is the DNA on a business card proof of murder? Let’s start by asking this simple question: If I, a hypothetical salesman, meet you at Starbucks and hand you …

The Avalanche Effect

If You Can’t Dazzle ’em with Brilliance… As the Pinyon Pines Murder trial progressed, one expert after another was paraded through the courtroom to attest to the existence of evidence. But the common thread among many of them was:

Cell Tower Data – A Wisp of a Concept

A fundamental premise of the prosecutor’s case in the Pinyon Pines Murder trial was the pattern of connections to the various cell towers made by the defendants on the night the murders were committed. 

How the Pinyon Pines Jury made a Horrible Mistake

Our Justice system has many moving parts. There are many technical and ethical standards, and they require strict adherence.  The last line of adherence is the jury. They are given the power to right the wrongs made along the way. But what if they, too, don’t adhere to the standards set out for them…