As of today, August 30, 2020, all Direct Appeal briefs have been filed. We are waiting for the response from the Appellate Court.

Below are the appeal briefs for both Robert and Cristin, as well as the State response to their appeals, and Robert’s and Cristin’s replies to the State response.

Robert Pape’s Opening Appeal Brief

Cristin Smith’s Opening Appeal Brief

State Response to Appeals of Robert and Cristin

Robert Pape’s Reply to State.

Cristin Smith’s Reply to State.

Currently we a waiting for a response from the Court to the Direct Appeal.

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  1. I just looked on the Appeal court website and saw that they upheld both convictions & denied each point of error laid out in the appeals (except for the sentencing portion)! I’m shocked. It’s literally unbelievable.

    And the rebuttal from Riverside County was laughable! They basically just replied, “nuh-uh!” Like a bunch of kids! “The trial court didn’t error because it fits with the narrative we created out of thin air”….it’s unspeakable!

    I can’t imagine what the families & both Robert & Cristin are feeling right now. I’m so sorry. Is there a next step/option in this process?

    I’ve always felt Javier was involved somehow, he was obsessed with her & she not only denied him, she dated his cousin! The sheer volume of calls to her leading up to that night is insane & gives a sense of instability on his part.

    My heart goes out to your families & I hope with all hope that something comes along they will turn this case on it’s head & expose all those responsible for the corruption that has two innocent men in prison for life.

    1. I may be considerably late with this, but is this it? If so, then what a miscarriage. The proceedings in this case were and remain so prejudicial I can’t understand why some appellate court couldn’t identify it. I am sad.

    2. Post

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