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Beloved Son, Husband, Father, and Colleague.

Who is Cristin Smith?

The prosecutors would have you believe that Cristin Smith is a heinous monster.  Even more outrageous, they would have you believe that, with a past of unblemished good citizenship and strong self-determination, he would suddenly throw it all away and help ruthlessly execute three people because a friend asked him to.  Here, we will attempt to see if he either possesses character strong enough to resist a request like that, or if he lacks it completely…


From his earliest years, Cristin displayed an inherent self-discipline that led him to excel in both elementary and high school


Cristin met his wife, back in 2006.  Before any of this had happened.  They married in April 13 2013, before the first go-round with these charges were levied against them.

They currently have one daughter, that is 3 and 1/2. She was born days before Cristin was released after charges were dropped by D.A. Paul Zellerbach in 2014. Cristin missed his daughter’s birth, and missed 2 precious years of her childhood.






What does it take to become an Army Ranger?

It takes an immense mental commitment to endure the excessive rigorous training. It is not for the weak, mentally or physically.

Once accepted, Cristin’s leadership skills began to emerge. In numerous letters of recommendation from his peers and superiors, those skills are often cited as a testament to his character.

In October of 2011, Cristin was involved in a fierce firefight.

In the midst of battle, Cristin risked his life to protect a fellow Ranger, Ray Haldorson, who had taken a bullet in the back. In saving his life, Cristin took a bullet to the arm, and was awarded his second Purple Heart.

In total, Cristin received: Four Army commendations medals one with valor and three Army achievement medals.  He served for five deployments: four to Afghanistan and one to Iraq.

Military education was:
Airborne 3 weeks
Combatives level 1, Infantryman 6 weeks in 2008
Ranger 11 weeks
Sniper 7 weeks, 2013
Warrior leader CRS 3 weeks.

Cristin served a total of 6 years and 5 months as an INFANTRYMAN.



In the midst of battle, Cristin risked his life to protect his fellow Ranger Ray Haldorson and saving Rays life that took a bullet in the back.  He took a bullet to the arm, and was awarded his second Purple Heart. 4 army commendations medals one with valor.  3 army achievement medals.  5 deployments 4 to Aghanstan one to Iraq.  Military education was airborne 3 weeks, cobatives level 1, infantryman 6 weeks 2008, ranger 11 weeks, sniper 7 weeks, 2013.  Warrior leader CRS 3 weeks. Cristin served a total of 6 years and 5 months IFANTRYMAN.


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  2. Cristian has a sister tristyn Devan Smith,that lives in Los Angeles,also an alibi towards the Robert and Christan case

  3. I taught Cris for a brief period and rode with Robert in a work van for two weeks. Cris was impressionable, and Robert was nervous and twitchy. He once instructed a mutual friend on how to conceal firearms in walls and doors. His “marriage” to a friend’s daughter was suspicious and likely to prevent testimony.

    1. Your comment makes no sense. If you followed the case, you would notice Robert’s first wife Sara testified as a witness for the DA, and she wholly supports Robert’s innocence. I’m sure you’re an expert on Robert’s character after two weeks.

    2. Dear Mr. B,

      If your theory is true, that he married his wife so she couldn’t testify against him, then explain why she did, in fact, testify in court on his behalf even though she was subpoenaed by the prosecution. Since you are insinuating that you are familiar with everyone involved, then you know this. You also know that she testified that she “cheated” though not in the traditional sense, and they divorced. Yet, in her testimony, she said Robert had been nothing but good to her, even after the divorce. She referred to Robert as her “best friend”. She was a hostile witness for the prosecution which was very obvious in her testimony. It’s a matter of public record so look it up.

      Robert was nervous and twitchy? And Cristin was impressionable? You obviously did not know either of them well, at most you were merely an acquaintance. Cristin led his Army Ranger unit into deadly conflicts and put his life on the line in at least two battles where he was severely injured, to save his comrades. Two of those men testified at the sentencing on Cristin’s behalf. (Again, this is public record. Read it.) One doesn’t make it to Ranger status if you are “impressionable”. He’s no follower and never has been. Both have always been patriotic, family-oriented people and completely mischaracterized by the media. There were items presented as facts in the news that were demonstrably and factually incorrect.

      I’ve known both of them for literally decades, and by the way, I also knew Becky and many of her friends.

      I don’t mean to sound harsh but when you attack someone, when their lives depend on it, make sure the facts are correct. Opinions are only opinions and wholly subjective.

  4. This is also a compelling factor to believe in cristin’s innocence, because if he had everything, which he did, why would he destroy his blissfully happy life just to murder some people

    1. Im going to pray..Pray that the LORD his dyes and ears,heart,and soul to this…just this .
      .I PRAY MERCY ON THD SOULS THAT REAPED THIS FALSE JUDGMENT.GOD is orchestrating at this very minute..Mark my words..He is innocent.

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